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I’m a complete workaholic. I’m also an optimist… but I wasn’t always that way!

I’ve always strived to be a good person. However, being a good person doesn’t necessarily mean you have the ability to recognize the “good” in your own life. I often found myself focusing on problems, not solutions. Focusing on potential disasters, not opportunities. Regardless of how hard I worked, I could never manage to attract the things I wanted into my life. Then I met a man named Mark Yuzuik.

Mark, a renowned performer, hypnotist and entrepreneur, helped me understand my focus was misguided and introduced me to the Law of Attraction. I immediately began reading every book I could get my hands on relating to the subject. I had to work very hard to shift my focus from the things I did not want, to the things I DID want. Then, as if by magic… my life began to rearrange itself.

I began receiving attention on social media…signed several endorsement deals…and people began talking about me. Then one day my entire life changed. Someone uploaded a video of me on YouTube entitled: “This Drummer is at the Wrong Gig.” After that, my life would never be the same. 

I’m a firm believer in hard work, and I believe we reap what we sow. If you do the correct thing (toward others) people will have faith in you. It’s not rocket science.








Born February 24 in Elkins, West Virginia… Steve Moore has built his entire life around a childhood dream. After seeing Chuck Berry on TV at the age of 5, Steve begged his parents to let him take guitar lessons. One year later, he was playing all of his favorite songs on guitar for his family. For the next three years, Steve continued to study guitar and banjo, along with the piano. At age 9, his school band director gave his class a music test and tried to talk Steve into playing in the school band. Steve ignorantly said, “Horns are Dumb!!!” and walked away. Unsatisfied, the director called Steve’s parents and told them their son had an amazing sense of pitch and asked him to reconsider. Steve finally gave in and joined the school band under the condition that after six months of playing the trumpet he would be allowed to switch to the drums. Six months later, he would reprioritize his life forever.

Steve performed in the usual school band programs and garage bands though his teens. By high school he was playing every weekend with the area’s best bands. However, Steve soon became restless with merely playing on the weekends. In order to make a living playing music, he would have to relocate.

For the next six years, Steve moved around the North Eastern United States working in styles from progressive speed metal to punk. Influenced by drummers like Mike Portnoy, Dave Lombardo, and Shannon Larkin, he sharpened his skills at playing with drum loops, odd meters, and polyrhythms. Steve was recording albums and touring… but still not making a living from playing drums. To support himself, he washed dishes and worked in factories. A recording engineer, feeling sorry for Steve, let him sleep on the floor of his studio for six months in return for his drum tracks. This wasn’t exactly what he had in mind when he had left West Virginia, but it would have to suffice until he could get a road gig.

Steve had learned at a very young age that most people hear with their eyes. He also noticed that people remember “characters” more than “musicians.” Jerry Lee Lewis, for example, was a fine piano player, but he was also a WILDMAN on stage!!! Steve decided against the usual cookie cutter approach and decided to be as OVER THE TOP as possible. One way or another, he was going to be noticed…

In 1997, the variety band Rick K and The Allnighters hired Steve on the spot. Not only were they eager to showcase Steve… but they were also established and in a position to offer him 150-200 shows a year. Steve was playing everything from 50’s and 60’s Music to Country and Pop. While traveling, he would study drummers like Krupa, and Rich, and take notes on their showboating and mannerisms. Steve was finally touring the country and making a good living as a professional musician. His unorthodox approach and visual antics was attracting a great deal of attention. However, it was the actions of a random fan that really put Steve Moore on the map…

On June 1, 2010, a random fan uploaded a performance of Steve on YouTube entitled, “This Drummer is at the Wrong Gig.” The video immediately went viral, receiving over 5 million hits in less than a month. Steve’s viral video even prompted Mike Portnoy (drummer for Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold) to tweet about Steve saying “Oh MY GOD…..This Guy RULES!! I have a new hero.” Within weeks, Steve was recognized by Drummerwold, Modern Drummer, Tosh.0 and Yahoo. He was also the topic of every drum forum on the web.

Steve has since appeared on NBC, The Bio Channel, and TV Total. He has performed in Russia, Austria, Germany, and Belgium, as well as countless dates in The United States. He’s even been featured in several advertising campaigns, including Roland, Tillamook Dairy, and Advil. However his personal favorite was headlining The Adams Drummers Festival, where he closed the show with Mike Portnoy by his side.